A Few of Our 5-Star Reviews


“Steve treats you like family and does quality work! Affordable Prices . I Highly recommend this company!”   Jacqueline M. 6/19

“I am highly impressed with this company!! They do not price gouge, prompt and reliable!! EXTREMELY informative! (We already knew we have issues with our plumbing) but Steve gave us an AWESOME game plan that isn’t going to break the bank !! We are customers for life!!!”  Tara P. 1/19


“I want to give a shout out to this group, “Thank You” for taking the time to to post your recommendations.  Being a fairly new home owner, I feel much better calling a known and trusted business rather than going in blind. 

The next shout out is to STEVE’S PLUMBING
“Thank you” for coming out and saving the day and fixing my shower faucet, It wasn’t an easy job.
Very experienced and super nice guys.
Thanks again all, I love this group!”  😁😀😍   Lisa M. 7/30/19


“Oh my gosh. 30 people coming tomorrow and we had a leak in the shower.  My husband called and he came in 30 min. Fixed the leak and was done. The price was right and things are great. He cleaned the shower head and replaced the cartridge. Give this guy a call. Nice honest and fair.”  Loretta R. 12/28/18

“Looking for plumber this morning to for kitchen sink problem with dishwasher draining into sink and not draining after last use.  Spoke with Steve who had finished a job early, was here in less than 10 minutes-couldn’t repair dishwasher if that was needed, but did see that things under the sink were not right.  Repaired two clogs and changed hoses and put new dishwasher air gap and guess what the dishwasher drained and is working properly.

I’m so happy with the service and Steve’s professionalism-will definitely call on him again!”  Wilma 5/7/18